Why do you have the amount of $75.00 in the payment amount?


     The $75.00 fee is the lowest amount you must pay when registering your son or daughter for a camp.  This amount is the non refundable deposit fee you must pay.  You may change the amount to a higher amount than the $75.00 if you choose to make a larger payment, or a full camp payment at that time.  Camp options include Day Camper, Commuter, and Residential.


How do you let Hoop Mountain know that your player will be a Day or Commuter camper?


     Please designate in the Roommate Request line, whether you are choosing to be a day camper or a commuter camper.  Then when choosing your amount to pay, please choose any amount between the $75.00 registration fee and the complete total of the camp tuition for your choice of camper.