Q: Are summer camps overnight or for commuters?

A: Both! Our Illinois basketball camps are for both overnight and commuter campers. 

Q: Where do the overnight campers stay?

A: Overnight campers stay in a universities dormitories.

Q: Do commuter campers get to participate in all the same basketball activity as overnight campers?

A: Yes, commuter campers get to participate in all basketball camp activity. The only things they do no receive is a room and breakfast. 

Q: What is the supervision like in the dorms?

A: All of our coaches and staff members stay in dormitories with the campers. Each floor will have several coaches staying on it and camp directors monitor the dorm throughout the night. There is no non-camp members allowed in the dormitories. Each of the dorm floors is broken down by age.  In addition each university has campus security.

Q:  Are there athletic trainers at your camps and other events?

A: Every Hoop Mountain Midwest camp and event have a certified athletic trainer present.

Q: Are parents allowed to watch camp?

A: Yes, parents are more than welcome to watch camp.

Q: What do campers get for meals?

A: Campers get 3 all you can eat meals a day from the university cafes. Commuter campers get only 2 meals, as breakfast is the one thing that takes place before commuter campers arrive.

Q: Can campers pick their roommate?

A: Yes, campers can pick their own roommate, please email Dan Gibbs at hoopmountain.dgibbs@gmail.com or put your request on the registration form. Campers who do not request a roommate will be placed with someone their own age.

Q: What should campers bring to camp?

A: Campers should being bedding (most beds are xl twin size so plan accordingly with sheets), toiletries, alarm clock, basketball sneakers, socks, basketball shorts, and t-shirts. The amount of clothing will depend on how many days of camp you will be attending.

Q: How will campers be grouped during camp?

A: Campers will be divided by age and talent to ensure they are playing against players of similar skill level. We have plenty of courts and coaches so all campers will be with players of a similar talent. 


Q: Are campers able to attend multiple camp sessions?

A: Yes! We have our camps run back to back so campers can attend both without missing any of the action. 

Q: What is your refund policy for camp?

A: If you withdraw from camp more than 21 or more days away you will get a refund minus the $150 deposit. Less than 21 days there will be no refunds given. The $150 camp deposit is not refundable at all. 


Q: What is a showcase?

A: A Showcase is an event to gain exposure to college coaches as well as scouting and media services. At our showcases player will play in the 3 games and drills all in front of college coaches and scouting services. 


Q: What is your refund policy for showcases?

A: There are no refunds for showcases. More than 10 days out a player can get a credit for a future showcase. 


Q: Are parents and family allowed to attend showcases? 

A: Yes! And there is no admission charge. 


Q: What does a showcase exposure event consist of?

A: A showcase consist of games, drills, and warmups to maximize exposure.

More questions? Please contact us at hoopmountain.dgibbs@gmail.com or call or text us at 630-539-2100.