Hoop Mountain Point Guard & Residential Camp

Dates: August 3rd, 2020 - August 5th, 2020
Price: $495.00
Grades: 4th-12th Grade (players will be divided by age and skill)
Location: Roger Williams University (Bristol, RI)
Contact/Director: Steve Gibbs - (978)852-5121

“The point guard is there to serve to serve others; to keep them involved and organized.”-Larry Brown, Basketball Hall of Fame Coach

“The great point guards make everybody else better.” -Stephon Marbury

“The point guard is the most important position on the floor. A team wins with their point guard and losses with their point guard.”-Mike Hart, St. Andrew’s School Coach and Camp Director

“A point guard is judged by wins and losses.” -Deron Williams

This camp is for day & overnight campers

Hoop Mountain Point Guard Camp will conform to all Rhode Island COVID-19 guidelines to ensure safety for our campers, coaches, and employees. We will be limiting the numbers of campers to promote social distancing in the camp. The facilities will be disinfected and cleaned throughout camp. We will have a strict protocol that is mandatory for all participants at camp. You can attend the camp as an overnight camper, or as a day camper. Roger Williams University Dining Hall will be providing some of its meals outside to make things more safe. All campers who choose to stay overnight will get a single dorm room to themselves. Safety is our number one priority at Hoop Mountain Point Guard Camp.

Point Guard Camp is for players who have a desire to become better educated in the craft of being an exceptional point guard. Point Guard Camp will cover every aspect of becoming an extraordinary point guard, from skill work fundamentals, to becoming the leader of your team. It is our job to teach you how to become a better floor general and how to run the show.

This camp will consist of 25 hours of on the court teaching and instruction from one of the best high school coaches in New England history, Mike Hart. Mike Hart, the director for Point Guard Camp, is the coach of perennial prep school powerhouse St. Andrew’s School of Barrington, Rhode Island. Mike has led St. Andrew’s to 6 New England Prep School championships while also coaching many NBA and high-major college talents. Coach Hart has coached many great point guards in his tenure including 2014 NBA Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams. Coach Hart has an accomplished staff of former backcourt stars, high school coaches, college coaches, and current college point guards.


Point Guard Camp has had numerous alumni go on to play college basketball ranging from division 1 universities to high-academic division 3 institutions. Chad DiCenzo, Emerson College Point Guard and alumni of Point Guard Camp stated, “Without the Hoop Mountain Point Guard Camp, I would not have reached my potential as a point guard. I received tremendous knowledge in point guard play at this camp. I learned valuable lessons on and off the court. I highly recommend this camp to anyone who wants to become a high school or college point guard.”

Point Guard Camp is more than just a basketball camp, it will teach you life lessons on how to become a leader. Our staff takes enormous pride in developing and teaching each camper what it takes to become a superb point guard. We want to give you the knowledge on how to reach your potential as a point guard. Each camper will receive an evaluation from the coaches that is personalized with feedback and suggestions for improvement. The summer is the best time to fine tune your game, and there is no better place to do so than at Point Guard Camp. 

Point Guard Camp is for players entering 4th-12th grade at the beautiful and air conditioned Roger Williams University. Players will be divided by age and skill level. Meals are provided at the nationally recognized Roger Williams University dining hall. To reiterate, Hoop Mountain will conform to all Rhode Island COVID-19 guidelines to ensure safety for our campers, coaches, and employees. If you have any questions at all, contact camp founder Steve Gibbs at ​sgibbs@hoopmountain.com​ or 978-852-5121. 



More Details

Typical Camp Day Schedule

7 AM - Wake Up

7:30 AM - Breakfast

8 AM - Attendance

8:15 AM - Dynamic Stretch

8:30 AM - Advanced Ball Handling and Shooting

9:30 AM - Lecture on how to run the show and lead your team

10 AM - How to set up your teammates and assist

10:30 AM - Canteen Break

10:45 AM - Recognizing defenses and general basketball IQ work

11:15 AM - Lunch Break

12 PM - Back for Attendance

12:15 PM - Dynamic Stretch

12:30 PM - Typical point guard workout ran by Coach Hart

1:15 PM - Learning how to create space off the dribble and finishig at the rim

2 PM - Lecture of the point guard's role on defense

2:15 PM - Defense and communication work

3 PM - Canteen Break

3:15 PM - How to run the fast break 

4:15 PM - Film breakdown 

4:45 PM - Dinner

5:30 PM - Attendance

5:45 PM - Dynamic stretch 

6 PM - Applying skill work into game situation

7:15 PM - Canteen Break

7:30 PM - Ball handling and shooting 

8:15 PM - Penetrating the Lane

9 PM - Competitions

9:30 PM - Head to dorms

10:30 PM - Lights out

Point Guard Camp will cover the following topics

Skill Development:

  • Advanced ball handling
  • How to run the fast break
  • Ability to penetrate the lane
  • Finishing plays in the open court
  • Decision making
  • Kick ahead passing
  • Jump stops and shot fakes -Knocking down open shots
  • Pull-up jumpshots
  • Floaters in the lane
  • Playmaking skills
  • Creating space
  • Creating shots for teammates
  • Proper pick and roll game
  • Reading defenses
  • How to play defense as a point guard
  • Excellent court awareness
  • Proper footwork
  • Overall basketball IQ

Leadership Development:

  • How to communicate effectively with teammates and coaches
  • Body language
  • Mental toughness
  • Orchestrating the offense
  • How to become a positive influence
  • Leading the team in late game situations
  • Holding yourself and team accountable
  • Proper workout routine
  • Purposeful talking on defense
  • Film Breakdown
  • Classroom study on becoming a point guard

...and much more