Dynamic Scoring and Explosive Athletic Finishing Camp

Dates: July 5th, 2020 - July 7th, 2020
Price: $485.00
Grades: 4th-12th Grade
Location: Roger Williams University (Bristol, RI)
Contact/Director: Steve Gibbs - (978)852-5121

“I have been working with Rob since college and he has made my transition from college to the NBA very smooth. His detailed, intense, and unique workouts push me to achieve my goals. I have improved every year since I have worked with Rob and will continue to train with him every year.” -Russell Westbrook on Rob McClanaghan


“Rob has helped my game in many ways. Skill work, shooting, and refining my post game have been areas of improvement for me since working with Rob. I have great confidence that I can score from any spot on the floor.” -Kevin Love on Rob McClanaghan

Dynamic Scoring and Explosive Athletic Finishing Camp, is for players that are looking for a competitive edge. The workouts and objective of the camp is to create an atmosphere that teaches players how to score the basketball. At the camp we plan to expose our campers to all the various methods on how to score the ball. Our goal is to teach and demonstrate all the ways to score the ball. The following are some of the aspects which will be covered at the Dynamic Scoring and Athletic Finishing Camp:

1. Finishing at the rim 2. Creating your shot 3.Shooting mechanics 4. Ball faking 5. Creating space 6. 2 man basketball 7. Mid and long range shooting 8. Advanced ball handling 9. Scoring the ball at all three levels 10. Decision making 11. Reading the defense 12. Open court basketball 13. Foot work 14. 1 on 1 moves 15. Playing off the ball

Rob McClanaghan, co-director of the camp, is a professional basketball trainer who creates comprehensive training programs for serious, results-driven players of all levels. Director Rob McClanaghan is the pre eminet trainer today in the NBA. Some of his clients include Lebron James, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook. Year-round workout programs are individually tailored to each client and emphasize total player development. Pre-draft training is essential to preparing for camps and team workouts. This training maximizes basketball skills and physical conditioning, while getting the player ready for the realities of pre-draft camp and private workouts with NBA teams. Rob’s extensive experience in this area includes the ability to run simulated workouts specific to the player’s future team, so clients know exactly what to expect when the actual workouts occur. Rob trains some of the top players in the NBA, including MVPs Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook. Rob has also worked with Kevin Love, Al Horford, John Wall and Candace Parker.


Rob played college basketball at Syracuse University where he was a three-year basketball letterman. After playing in 3 NCAA Tournaments, and winning a Big East Championship, he moved on to coach basketball at the University of South Florida before exclusively preparing players for the NBA Draft and regular season. Rob is a very passionate trainer that loves to teach the game of basketball.


Brad Seaman, co-director of the camp, is the head boys basketball coach at the prestigious Kingswood Oxford School. Brad played basketball at Suffolk University. Coach Seaman has coached many numerous college basketball players and prides his program on player development.  Many of Coach Seaman’s players have gone on to play at the collegiate level. The combination of Rob and Brad’s experience as players, coaches, and trainers call for this camp to be a must.

Dynamic Scoring and Explosive Athletic Finishing Camp is for players entering 4th-12th grade. Players will be divided by skill and age level. This is an overnight camp at the beautiful air coniditioned Roger Williams University. Room and board is included in the tuition. Meals provided at the nationally recognized Roger Williams University dining hall. If you have any questions at all, contact camp founder Steve Gibbs at sgibbs@hoopmountain.com or 978-852-5121. Sign up by May 15th to get the early bird discounted price of $485. 



More Details

Typical Camp Day Schedule

7 AM - Wake Up

7:30 AM - Breakfast

8 AM - Attendance

8:15 AM - Dynamic Stretch

8:30 AM - Advanced Ball Handling and Shooting

9:30 AM - Film session on how to score the basketball and create space

10 AM - How to create space for yourself

10:30 AM - Canteen Break

10:45 AM - Athletic finishing at the rim

11:15 AM - Lunch Break

12 PM - Back for Attendance

12:15 PM - Dynamic Stretch

12:30 PM - Typical Workout ran by Rob McClanaghan

1:15 PM - Speed/Agility Training

2 PM - Lecture on scoring the ball from all three levels

2:15 PM - Skills and Drills 

3 PM - Canteen Break

3:15 PM - How to run the fast break and make high I.Q. decisions

4:00 PM - 3 v 3 and 1 v 1

4:45 PM - Dinner

5:30 PM - Attendance

5:45 PM - Prehab/Rehab

6 PM - Applying skill work into game situation

7:15 PM - Canteen Break

7:30 PM - Foot work

8:15 PM - Penetrating the Lane

9 PM - Competitions

9:30 PM - Head to Dorms

10:30 PM - Lights out