Shooting & Scoring Camp

Dates: July 22nd, 2020 - July 24th, 2020
Price: $395.00
Grades: 5th-12th (Fall '20)
Location: Illinois Wesleyan University (Bloomington, IL)
Contact/Director: Dan Gibbs - or (630)539-2100

The Shooting & Scoring Camp will focus on all areas of scoring the basketball. The camp is designed to teach players to become completely skilled offensive players. The camp will focus on two main areas; shooting the basketball and scoring moves.

All aspects of shooting the basketball will be taught from proper form all the way to the follow through. For shooting our coaches will focus on improving campers mechanics as well as extending shooting range. A wide range of scoring moves will be taught to make players complete scorers. The camp will have a low number of campers so each camper will receive individual and specialized attention from our coaches. The camp will include live game to practice shooting and scoring moves in real siutations. 

At this camp, it is our goal to perfect players jump shots, teach them as many quality and usable scoring moves as possible, and get them plenty of shooting repetitions. The camp will consist of individualized shot breakdown, shooting stations, individual help, offensive skill stations, 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 games, competitions, lectures, plus high shot repetitions.

Our camps can be attended as overnight or day camps. Commuter campers will not miss any of the basketball action. They will get the same great camp experience minus a dorm room and breakfast. Overnight campers will stay in a supervised dorm room on the Illinois Wesleyan campus. The commuter option can be selected on the registration form and includes a $50 discount.

The summer boys basketball camp is for players entering the 5th-12th grade (Fall 2020) for overnight and commuter campers. Players will be divided by age and skill level so campers will be with players of similar ability, size, and age. All campers will receive a free reversible Hoop Mountain jersey plus a performance eval with tips to improve your game. The camp will conclude with an awards ceremony. Each camper will receive a book of drills so they can take the Hoop Mountain experience home with them and continue to work on their skills once camp is over. The Shooting & Scoring Camp is at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois.  



More Details

Price and Discounts

►Early Discount Price: $395 (until 5/15)

►Normal Price: $420 (after 5/15)

►Commuter Price: $50 less

►Attend two camps and save $50 on the Camp Combo Pack

►When signing up, the full amount can be paid or just a $150 deposit with the balance not due until camp

Attending Both Camp Sessions

Our summer camps run back-to-back so campers can attend both camps without missing any of the action and no wasted time in between. When one camp ends, the next camp will start shortly after like a normal camp day. 

►Campers can attend the Shooting & Scoring Camp, as well as one of the three positional camps (Point Guard, Perimeter or Big Man). 

►Camp sessions are designed to go together so players can fully master their game. 

►Get all the information here about attending both camp sessions 

Coaching Staff

Our coaching staff consist of top college and high school coaches. Most of our coaches are with us year after year to provide the same top level of instruction. Each of our camps have coaches that are specific to that particular camp.

Our coaches are passionate and dedicated about teaching the game of basketball and helping our campers improve their basketball skills. 

We offer an extremely low 7:1 players to coach’s ratio that is one of the best in the country. The low ratio will allow each camper to receive individual and specialized attention, plus to ensure the safety of all of our campers. All of our camps will have a certified athletic trainer present at all times. 



Campers will eat all meals at the Illinois Wesleyan dining hall, which is a short walk away from the gym and dorm. Meals are all-you-can-eat buffet style with a wide variety of options including a salad bar, grill station, pizza and pasta, desserts, and a variety of rotating hot entrees. All meals are included with the camp. 


Overnight/Commuter Option

Overnight campers will stay in an air-conditioned Illinois Wesleyan dorm room. Dorms are supervised around the clock by the Hoop Mountain staff and are only used by our camp. Each floor of the dorm has several members of our staff staying on it and each floor is broken down by campers age. You can make a roommate request on the registration form or we will put you with a camper of the same age. 

Commuter campers will not miss any of the basketball action. They will get the same great camp experience minus a dorm room and breakfast. The commuter option is $50 less.


Illinois Wesleyan University

We have been running our camps at Illinois Wesleyan University since 2000. Located in Bloomington, Illinois right in the middle of the state. Conveniently located right off of highways 55, 74, and 39. The safe and secluded campus is located within two hours of Chicago and the Quad Cities as well as two and a half hours of Indianapolis and St. Louis. 

All basketball activity will be held at Illinois Wesleyan's Shirk Center. The Shirk Center is one of the best athletics facilities in the country with seven full-size basketball courts all indoors under one roof. Below are pictures of the field house, main gym, and practice gym that will be used.  


Camp Safety

At Hoop Mountain, campers safety is our number one priority. Campers are monitored at all times by our staff, at no times are campers on their own. Any time campers are walking between the gym, dorm, or cafe, they will be with our staff. The entire night the dorms are monitored by our staff. Dorms are locked around the clock and only accessible by our camp. 

Noah Shooting System

For an additional $15 campers can add on three sessions with the Noah Shooting System. Noah is a shot tracking system used to help players shots, specifically the shot distance and arc. More information on Noah can be found here


"This was the best basketball camp I have ever attended. I already knew a lot about basketball, but this camp helped me learn new drills and fundamentals that I never knew about."

►Ryan Sills, Swartz Creek Michigan


"What separates Hoop Mountain from the rest is its coaching staff and its fundamental instructions. Each and every coach was knowledgeable and gave attention to every player to improve his game."                      

►Tommy Bahnick, Vernon Hills Illinois


"Hoop Mountain basketball camp provided me with so much good basketball knowledge that I have put to use outside the camp. Hoop Mountain was one of the best basketball experiences I have ever had in my life. As an incoming freshman, all of the drills, ideas, and tips I got about basketball have helped my transition into a high school player."

►Tim Cooney, St. Louis Missouri


"Hoop Mountain was a great camp with excellent coaches and competition."

►Brian Fabrizius, Arlington Heights Illinois


"The facilities at Hoop Mountain were great. The quality of coaches was far better than any camp I've attended. The drills and fundamentals really do help."

►Mitch Murphy, Bushnell Illinois


"I really enjoyed the overall experience. From the great coaching to the drills, there wasn't a part that I did not enjoy. It was my favorite basketball camp."

►Will Henry, Nashville Tennessee


Hoop Mountain Alumni