ELEV8 Your Game (8 Weeks)

Dates: September 16th, 2016 - November 3rd, 2016
Price: $150.00
Location: Fieldhouse, Sudbury

ELEV8 Your Game (8 Weeks)

Friday Nights 7:00 - 9:00pm

Overall Skill Development for anyone looking to become a complete basketball player

Dates: September 16th - November 3rd

Cost: $150.00

Grades: 4th - 12th (players will be divided up by age and skill level)

Location: Fieldhouse, Sudbury

Register for Multiple sessions and receive $75.00 off your total purchase

Drop in rate is $25.00 per session


Program Benefits:

Master critical fundamental areas, enhance players overall IQ For older players, master skills & understanding of the game For younger players, a foundation to improve and have fun Individual and small group drills in a motivating environment Emphasis on playing situations & the "whys" not just "how"s".
All participants must provide at least $75.00 deposit to secure a spot in their session.  This deposite is non-refundable.