Hoop Mountain Academy “Boot Camp”

Dates: July 17th, 2017 - August 24th, 2017
Price: $175.00
Grades: 6th-12th
Location: Pingree School, South Hamilton MA
Contact/Director: STEVE GIBBS 978-922-3342

We’d like to introduce you to a great opportunity to advance your basketball skills and overall effectiveness as an athlete.  Hoop Mountain Basketball Academy.  Our summer boot camp will be taking place at Pingree School in South Hamilton, MA from July 17th through August 24th on Monday through Thursdays from 10am-12pm each day. 

The boot camp will have two components: 

1. A heightened emphasis on strength and conditioning is a crucial part of any athlete’s improvement.  The player should be truly committed to the game and willing to work hard during each session.  The program will be challenging to maximize improvement.  As players advance levels, the game becomes more physically demanding in order to achieve success.  This boot camp will offer the player exposure to a top notch strength and conditioning coach. 
2. A high level session working on basketball fundamentals is a key part of player development.  The player’s ability to increase skills while working on his/her physical make up is a perfect marriage.  The coaches will work on the areas of the game that matter most, such as footwork, finding a new move, and ability to take contact.  The program will differentiate itself by working all the drills at game speed to transfer the fundamentals to real game situations.  


Hoop Mountain consistently presents the best staffed camps in the country.  The staff is comprised of strength and conditioning coaches as well as high quality basketball coaches.  They’re cross trained in both areas and enable the boot camp to focus on the two main components of these sessions. 


Attend (5) sessions for $175, Attend (10) sessions for $325, Attend (Unlimited/24) sessions for $725