Triple Threat Camp Pack

Dates: July 24th, 2017 - July 30th, 2017
Price: $995.00
Grades: 5th-12th (Fall '17)
Location: Illinois Wesleyan University (Bloomington, IL)
Contact/Director: Dan Gibbs - or (630)539-2100

The Triple Threat Camp Pack includes a full week of basketball from Monday July 24th to Sunday July 30th. Players will get to attend all three of our camp sessions; Shooting & Scoring Camp, the positional camp of your choice (Point Guard, Perimeter, or Big Man), and the Hoop Mountain Academy Camp. The three camp sessions are designed to go together so players can work on all aspects of their game. 

As part of the Triple Threat Camp Pack, campers will attend the Shooting & Scoring Camp on the 24th-26th, one of the three positional camps on the 26th-28th, and finish up with the Hoop Mountain Academy Camp on the 28th-30th. The three camp sessions are right after another so campers camp attend all three without missing any of the action and no wasted time in-between. 




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The price of the Triple Threat Camp Pack is $995. A savings of $235 from all three camps indivdually! No other discounts apply to this package. 

Shooting & Scoring Camp

The Shooting & Scoring Camp will focus on all areas of scoring the basketball. The camp is designed to teach players to become a fundamentally sound and complete offensively skilled player. This camp will cover all skills on the offensive side of the game including shot breakdown, 1-on-1 moves, creating your own offense, transition scoring, and many more topics will be covered. The camp will have a low number of campers so each camper receives individual attention. 

For more information on just the Shooting & Scoring Camp visit here

Positional Camps

Campers will have the choice of either the Point Guard, Perimeter, or Big Man Camp.

The Point Guard Camp is for players who want to become better educated in the craft of being an exceptional point guard. This camp will cover every aspect of being a great “floor general” to help you become a pure point guard. For more information on just the Point Guard Camp visit here

The Perimeter Camp is for guards and forwards who want to improve their perimeter and wing skills. The camp will cover a wide array of skills to help improve players offensive and defensive game. While the camp is designed for perimeter players, the skills learned can be useful to players of all positions. For more information on just the Perimeter Camp visit here

The Big Man Camp is for power forwards and centers who want to become complete post players. Campers will learn all aspects of big man play, including playing in the post as well as playing face up to the basket. Become a complete big man at this camp. For more information on just the Big Man Camp visit here

Hoop Mountain Academy Camp

Hoop Mountain Academy is a high level instructional camp. This camp is for players looking for an all-in-one camp to take their basketball game to the next level through games, skill work, film sessions, and more. At this camp players will receive outstanding instruction from some of the top coaches in the Midwest. 

The Hoop Mountain Academy provides a no nonsense environment where players can learn from some of the best teachers in the game. All coaches at the Academy are Hoop Mountain certified and range from college coaches to varsity high school coaches to current and former collegiate and professional players. Every staff member shares one thing; the desire to help our campers get better. 

For more information on just the Hoop Mountain Academy Camp visit here

Coaching Staff

Our coaching staff consist of top college and high school coaches as well as college and professional players. Our coaching staff is with us year after year to provide the same top level of coaching and instruction. Each of our camps have coaches that are specific to that certain camp. 

Our coaches are passionate about teaching the game of basketball and helping our campers improve their skills.

We offer a very low 7:1 players to coaches ratio that is one of the best in the country. All of our camps will have a certified athletic trainer present at all times. 



Campers will eat all meals at the Illinois Wesleyan dining hall. Meals are all-you-can-eat buffet style with a wide variety of options.


Overnight/Commuter Option

Overnight campers will stay in an air-conditioned Illinois Wesleyan dorm. Dorms are supervised by the Hoop Mountain staff and are only used by our camp. Each floor of the dorm has several members of our staff staying on it and each floor is broken down by campers age. You can make a roommate request on the registration form or we will put you with a player of a similar age. 

Commuter campers will not miss any of the basketball action. They will get the same great camp experience minus the dorm room and breakfast. Commuter option is $150 less.


Illinois Wesleyan University

We have been running camps at Illinois Wesleyan University since 2000. Located in Bloomington, Illinois right in the middle of the state. Conveniently located right off of highways 55, 74, and 39. The safe and secluded campus is located within two hours of Chicago and two and half hours of Indianapolis and St. Louis. 

All basketball activity will be held indoors at Illinois Wesleyan's Shirk Center. The Shirk Center is one of the best athletics facilities in the country with seven full-size basketball courts all indoors under one roof. Below are pictures of the field house, main gym, and practice gym that will be used.  


Sign Up Via Mail/Brochure

To sign up for the camp via mail, please use the camp brochure. To sign up online use the blue register button above. 


"Hoop Mountain basketball camp provided me with so much good basketball knowledge that I have put to use outside the camp. Hoop Mountain was one of the best basketball experiences I have ever had in my life. As an incoming freshman, all of the drills, ideas, and tips I got about basketball have helped my transition into a high school player."

-Tim Cooney, St. Louis MO


"This was the best basketball camp I have ever attended. I already knew a lot about basketball, but this camp me learn new drills and fundamentals that I never new about."

-Ryan Sills, Swath Creek MI


"What separates Hoop Mountain from the rest is its coaching staff and its fundamental instructions. Each and every coach was knowledgeable and gave attention to every player to improve his game."                      

-Tommy Bahnick, Vernon Hills IL


Hoop Mountain was a great camp with excellent coaches and competition."

-Brian Fabrizius, Arlington Heights IL


I really enjoyed the overall experience. From the great coaching to the drills, there wasn't a part that I did not enjoy. It was my favorite basketball camp."

-Will Henry, Nashville TN